About Us

"If you could do anything, what would you do?"  That's the question that my husband asked me one night at dinner.  My response was immediate, "Open a clothing boutique."  I've always had a special love for clothes and accessories.  The way they make you feel, the way they make you look, and the way that you can stand out.  I know it's bad, but when I'm invited to an event or party, the first thing that I think about is what I'm going to wear.  Now, I want to create a boutique that women can find the cute clothes that will make them stand out.  

Now, I'm sure your next question is, "Why the name Dirty South Provisions?"  That's simple.  The south has always had a special place in my heart.  All of my family from both sides, originated there.  There's nothing that compares to southern charm, southern food, southern people..... I could go on and on.  I want to bring that charm and style to my boutique.  

I love to serve others.  In church, at work, where ever there's a need.  I am excited to bring that desire to a bigger arena helping others look and feel their best.

Shawnda Noble

Dirty South Provisions

Established 2015